HARRIETTE CHIGGAI – Vice President Law Society of Kenya, Head of Legal Services ICPAK Deputy Secretary General East Africa Law Society and Chairs the EALS Young Lawyers Committee MBA- Finance and Governance, CPM (Certified Mediator), certified governance trainer and Business development and company strategist Founder Face of Bar (now hosting straight talk series in partnership with Universities and Law Schools)-A mentorship platform for young professionals Certified resident ambassador to the Netherlands having achieved the DVP world greatest potentials on the rule of law and governance Served as a Council Member Law Society of Kenya. Chaired In -house Committee Chaired Young Lawyers Committee (among founding members) Served as legal advisory Nairobi County Youth Board Member Mediation and Accreditation Committee of the Supreme Court of Kenya Member, Youth Committee- National Chambers of Commerce and Industry Vast experience in Corporate Governance and Board Management Legal Consultant and trainer in the vast legal field Including Corporate Governance, labor laws, intellectual property and strategy and risk management Passionate about leadership, governance Youth mentorship and Development. Nominated by PAW Africa as the 2015 Phenomenal African Women of the year based on her contribution to mentorship programmes and progressive leadership and governance.