Admissions Section is charged with planning and co-ordination of admission and registration of new and continuing students. It acts as the liaison between Schools, Students and Finance department in maintenance of students data. In addition, it co-ordinates the drawing and implementation of academic programmes marketing strategies.


Machakos University has three intakes in an Academic year. Main intake being in September/October for all the courses. December/January and April/ May are only for postgraduate programmes. The advertisements for the intakes are usually carried in the local dailies two months before the intake and March/April for the September/October. However, TVET are done trimester basis and the intakes are in January, May and September.

The University offers competitive academic programmes with divers specializations in sciences, applied sciences, technology, humanities, social sciences and the arts.

The programmes are modelled to suit different modes of study and provide unique opportunity to Kenyans and non-Kenyans, who meet university admission requirements. The Admissions Office ensure that only qualified students are admitted to these programmes by putting in place requisite admissions processes.

The management of student data is very critical for evaluating academic progress of every student and Admissions Office work in liaison with the Schools and other departments in Academic Divisions to ensure that our academic model which is built on a strong technical background is maintained. We admit students in diverse areas such as Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Fashion Design and Marketing, Hospitality, Business, Education, Agribusiness and Applied Sciences.

The sub-division is mandated to Maintain School Calendars and pals addition, it compiles statistical reports and other updates as maybe required by the University Management Board. The sections Implements policies, procedures and practices relevant to Admissions Section, as per directives from the Management and draw budgets relevant to admissions matters.

Other matters handled by this division includes: –

  • Deferments of students and laitance of the same in the system
  • Change of Course in line with the policy
  • Processing of retakes and informing Finance to levy appropriate charges
  • Disciplinary Matters

Admissions Staff

Admissions Office is currently composed of 8 (eight) staff. 


Machakos University is a public chartered University accredited programmes. The University is strategically placed in the lower eastern of Kenya barely 65km from the capital city, Nairobi. Besides being strategically placed, the University provides students with market oriented and good opportunities that enhance their career development. The curriculum is research oriented and policies are students “centric”.

The University is relatively young but has started its baby steps in research and innovation. This is affirmed by recent application e-voting software in our students’ elections. The software was conceptualized and developed by students themselves. This marked the first successful e-voting in Kenyas Universities notwithstanding that Machakos University is relatively a young institution.


With more than 82+ programmes on offer ranging from bachelors, masters doctoral as well as certificates and diplomas; prospective students will not miss what they are looking for to fulfill their academic goals.

The programmes are crafted to propagate knowledge and virtue.  In addition, to being market oriented, they are offered on flexible modes with flexible fees payment policies for different cadres of students. Thus, we are able to meet the fee payment needs for students with diverse financial background.


We have “Chancellor scholarship award” scheme which is awarded to deserving and academically excellent students based on their academic achievements. This awards are augmented by various bursaries available from stakeholders for students with financial challenges.


Step 1. Admissions Application

Application forms may be downloaded from our website: or obtained from admissions Office or from reception at the main campus.

Step 2. Application fee and certificates

Dully fill the application forms and attach copies of academic certificates/results slip, transcripts and application fee-bank slip (Kes.500 for Diploma and Certificate; 1,000 for Undergraduate, 2,000 for Masters and 3,000 for Doctoral programmes) in addition attach two passport size photographs and a copy of national ID or Passport.

Step 3 transmission

Scan the dully filled application form and all the attachments and email the same to Admissions Office on or post through post office or hand deliver to Registrar (Academic & Student Affairs)


Step 1. Eligibility and Assessment and Admission

Based on the document provided, the university will assess and give admission to qualified applicants who meets the minimum qualification criteria.

Step 2. Letter of Offer

The University will issue offer letter a long with the following seven attachments

  • Fee Structure -FORM MksU 1
  • Letter of acceptance to abide by University rules & regulations-FORM MksU 2
  • Letter of acceptance – FORM MksU3A
  • Letter of non-acceptance – FORM MksU3B
  • Students entrance medical examination- FORM MksU4
  • Students personal details – FORM MksU6
  • Declaration – FORM MksU7

Step 3. Reporting & Registration

The student should report on the date indicated in the letter to the Admission’s office with the admission letter and all relevant attachments dully filled and signed appropriately. The student will also be required to present all original certificates for verification.