Holistic development and mentorship of learners


Provision of scholarly and quality teaching, training, research and innovation for sustainable industrial and socio-economic transformation of society.

Academic excellence for industrial and socio-economic transformation


The core function academic division in is to provide quality education and promote scholarship. The Academic Division strive to promote academic excellence by maximizing use of resources to spar wholesome growth in all divisions of the University and by large promote Academic excellence.

The Division gears to fulfil the Kenya Government’s The Big 4 Agenda (food security, affordable housing, manufacturing and affordable healthcare) Similarly, the Division strive to create conducive environment for holistic development and mentorship of learners who are capable of critical thinking and are able to independently claim their position in the job market. It is for this reason that we work with our stakeholders to be part of the university’s innovative agenda for sustainable industrial and socioeconomic transformation of society.

The Academic Division is home to nine schools which are tasked to mentor, impart knowledge, skills and positive attitude in the students that they teach and guide in research. The Division is headed by the Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic &Student Affairs) and composed of the following subdivisions: –

 Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ASA) Office
 Registrar (ASA) Office
 Admissions Section
 Examinations Section
 Dean of Students Section
 Planning & Senate Affairs office
 All the Schools

Even as we aim for high education standards, we have not lost sight to our clientele hailing from the community around us, and as such, our systems are modestly structured to meet the needs of our students. Therefore, even as we aspire to globalize, we also wish to localize for the benefits of the surroundings. Towards these, we have mounted more market oriented programmes and have re-introduce TVET programmes to provide hands on technical skills.