The following constitute examination irregularities:

  1. Passing or receiving verbal, written or electronic communication (relevant to the examination) to or from other candidates or any other source during the examination.
  2. Unauthorized possession of used or unused examination answer booklets outside of the examination room.
  3. Possessing any unauthorized written material relevant to the examination in the examination room.
  4. Copying from other candidates’ booklets or from other sources (e.g. body parts or clothing)
  5. Possession of any notes recorded on paper, parts of the body or clothing.
  6. Possession and/or use of a mobile phone whether in silent mode or switched off, i-pads, electronic note book or any unauthorized electronic gadget(s) or source (including programmable calculators) inside the examination room.
  7. Plagiarism, i.e. falsely accessing another person’s work and appending one’s name and signature claiming it to be one’s own. This includes but not limited to copying other candidate(s) written, published or unpublished material.
  8. Disrupting the administration of examinations.
  9. Destroying or refusal to hand over/hiding evidence pertaining to an examination irregularity.
  10. Failure to write one’s registration number or deliberately writing the wrong registration number on the answer booklet.
  11. Presenting oneself for an examination in a unit in which one is not registered for.
  12. Claiming for marks in a unit one knows he/she did not register for and/or sit for the examination.
  13. Writing on the examination question paper will be considered as an attempt to cheat in an examination.
  14. Reading from other candidate’s answer scripts or question paper.
  15. Permitting any other candidate to read or copy from one’s examination scripts.
  16. Impersonation of other candidates or being impersonated during examination.
  17. Deliberate failure or refusal to hand in the examination script at the end of the examination.
  18. Assaulting and/or disobeying the invigilator during the examinations.
  19. Involvement in and/or influencing tampering with examination data.
  20. Forgery of examination entry documents e.g the examination card, identity card and fee statement.