The office of Dean of Students was established to provide and enhance students’ welfare through the following units where the Dean of Students is the overseer.

Units under the department include-:
• Deans office
• Catering Unit

• Housekeeping Unit
• Sports and Games
• Health Unit
• Students Counselling Unit
• Students Council (SAMU office)

Functions of the Deans Office:
i. Bursary allocation
• The office creates a profile of genuinely needy students.
• Awarding of bursary from Rattansi Education Trust fund and students bursary.

ii. Clubs and Societies
The clubs and societies enhance discipline and cohesion in the University.

iii. Management of Tuck shops
• A committee appointed by the management comprised of staff and student leaders oversee the management of the tuck shops.
iv. Students’ Constitution and managing Students Elections and induction of student leaders.
v. The Dean of Students is the custodian of the students’ constitution.
vi. The Dean of Students oversees the review of the constitution and its implementation.
vii. General communication from management to students and vice versa.