(a)  Bachelor of Science (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)


(b)  Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering)


(c)  Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)

i)       KCSE Mean Grade C+ (Plus) with a minimum of   B+(Plus) or equivalent in Mathematics and Physics and B(Plain) in Chemistry and English;


ii)     Mean Grade of C (Plain) at KCSE or equivalent with a Diploma of Credit pass in relevant field of study from a Recognized Institution.                                                                                                                            

(d)  Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)


(e)  Bachelor of Science (Telecommunication & Information Technology)

i)       KCSE Mean Grade C+(Plus) with    C+(Plus) in English and C+(Plus) in Mathematics;


ii)     Mean Grade C (Plain) at KCSE and a Diploma in IT with Credit Pass




(f)   Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)



i)       KCSE Mean Grade C+ (Plus) with     B+(Plus) in Mathematics, B+ in Physics and C+ in English;


ii)     Diploma in Computer Science or related field with Credit Pass and Mean Grade of C(Plain) in KCSE with C+ in Mathematics and Physics.