Machakos University Procurement Department was established pursuant to Section 45 & 47 of the Public Procurement & Asset Disposal Act 2015.


The Department is responsible for managing the procurement and asset disposal processes as guided by the Act, it undertakes the following functions;

  • Offers Procurement Professional advice
  • Preparation of Annual Procurement Plan,
  • Procurement Processing,
  • Inventory and asset management,
  • Disposal of assets; and
  • Contract management
  • Prequalification/registration of suppliers
  • Preparation of statutory reports



A Preferred Department of Excellence in Service delivery.



To provide customers with quality goods and services that add value by meeting their needs and expectations, at the lowest cost possible.





Procurement Department Quality objectives are;

  • To ensure supply of 70% of the monthly orders for goods and services.
  • To maintain supplier lead-time of less than 30 days on local consumables
  • To limit material rejection to 1% of monthly supplies.


The Department has three (3) sections which includes;

  • Procurement Main Office,
  • Inventory section,
  • Le-Technisch Hotel Procurement Office & Store.


The function is staffed with Procurement Professionals who guide and manage the Procurement and Asset Disposal Process and report directly to the Head of Procurement Department. Below are names and designation of the department staffs.

S/NO Name Designation
1 Alice Njeri Head of Procurement Department
2 Catherine Muli Procurement Officer II
3 Maurice Mwongela Assistant Procurement Officer
4 Peter Maina Assistant Procurement Officer
5 Jackline Mwangangi Assistant Procurement Officer
6 Patrick Kioko Assistant Procurement Officer
7 Douglas Ontiri Procurement Assistant
8 Winfred Mumo Procurement Assistant
9 David Kiorio Procurement Assistant
10 Esther Munyoki Procurement Assistant
11 Martha Mutuku Procurement Assistant
12 Esther Nthenya Procurement Assistant
13 Peter Nzuki Procurement Assistant
14 Edna Kerubo Procurement Assistant
15 Fredrick Kitaa Store man
16 Maureen Kaveke General Clerk I


Our operation hours are from 8.00am to 5.00pm-Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

The Department is dedicated to handle general enquiries on matters pertaining to the University’s procurement. The department can be contacted through Tel No: 073642874 and Email: and/