Welcome to the planning Department of Machakos University.

The Department was established in the year 2016 as Planning Department under the office of Deputy Vice-chancellor (APF). It is headed by Head of Department (Planning).

The Department has 3 service sections, thus;

  • Transport
  • Cleaning and Environment
  • Repairs and Maintenance.

Although the Department is under the office of Deputy Vice-chancellor (APF), it serves as a key Department to the University because of its roles to the University at large. The Department ensures that the University’s infrastructure is well maintained and availed to users efficiently. It also advises on establishment of projects as provided by the University’s Master Plan.

Planning Department provides Secretariat services to space allocation committee and its always present in all construction projects in the University.

Staff Establishment; 

1. Mr.Steven D. Kimenjo Head of Planning Department
2. Mr. Richard Nzwili Senior Administrative Assistant
3. Ms. Margaret Munyua Senior Administrative Assistant
4. Mr. Shadie Munywoki Assistant Transport Officer
5. Mr. Thomas Munguti
6. Mr. Fredrick Kathili Supervisor, Cleaning and Environment
7. Mr. Mutua Musyoka Assistant Technologist / Driver
8. Mr. Peter Ndutu Driver
9. Mr. Onesmus Musyoki Driver
10. Mr. Henry Muiva Driver
11. Mr. Joseph Kivuva Driver
12. Mr. Martin Kivuva Driver
13. Mr. Benson Ngaruiya Driver
14. Mr.              Mwaura Driver
15. Mr. Stephen Mule Technician (Carpentry)
16. Mr. Lawrence Kioko Technician (Carpentry)
17. Mr. Stephen M. Wambua Plumber
18. Mr. Muoki Musembi Mason
19. Mr. John M. Mbithi Mason
20. Mr. Stephen Nyamai Electrician
21. Mr. Anthony Mutua Technologist (Electrician)
22. Mr. Stanley Kamba Welder
23. Mr. Jackson Musyoka Welder
24. Mr. Yusuf Walumbe Technician(Welding)
25. Mr. Joseph Kimeu
26. Mr. Daniel Mwanthi Grounds attendant
27. Mr.Paul M. Nzaku Grounds attendant
28. Mr. Benedict Maweu Grounds attendant
29. Mr. Benjamin Nguthu Grounds attendant
30. Mr.John Makau Grounds attendant

                  MACHAKOS UNIVERSITY


The core Mandate of Machakos University is to Teach, Train, Conduct Research, Innovation, collaboration, generation of new knowledge and community service.


The Philosophy of  Machakos University is to provide transformative Leadership in Teaching, Training, Research, Innovation, Industrial and Technology transfer  for wealth creation.


Machakos University is an academic institution committed in transmitting Knowledge, Skills and attitude through Science, Technology and Innovation for the benefit of humanity.


A preferred University of Scholarly Excellence.


Provide Scholarly education Through Training, Research and Innovation for industrial and Socio-economic transformation of our communities.


INTEGRITY – To honestly deliver on our promise to stake holders.

ACCOUNTABILITY – To always be accountable in the assigned duties.

PROFESSIONALISM – To be committed to high standards of training and service delivery.

INCLUSIVITY – Respect for delivery.

CREATIVITY – Determination to continually improve.

TEAM WORK – To actively work together to achieve common goals.

EQUITY – To strive to be an equal opportunity to University where meritocracy is practiced in all areas.