• Promote principles of equal employment opportunities through acceptable renumiration procedures;
  • Collaborate and network with stake holders, industries and allied institutions;
  • Mobilize adequate resources;
  • Fund activities in MksU Strategic Plan;
  • Attract, develop, motivate and retain qualified and competent staff as per the established structure;
  • Participate in Corporate Social Responsibility activities;
  • Offer Sports and Recreational facilities;
  • Offer Guidance and Counselling services to students;
  • Provide Secure working environment
  • Provide Accommodation and Conference facilities.
  • Ensure University infrastructure and equipment are in good repair.
  • Ensure a clean working environment.


Our clients and stakeholders should expect high standards of service delivery.  We shall endeavor to provide services as follows:

  • Attend to visitors’ enquiries in a respectful manner within five (5) minutes;
  • Respond to written enquiries within fourteen (14) days;
  • Handle customers’ complaints within two (2) weeks;
  • Give notice of 14 days for scheduled meetings to customers, stakeholders and clients;
  • Process payment of goods and services within 90 days upon submission of accurate invoices and other supportive documents in line with Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015;
  • Prepare books of accounts for audit by 30th September yearly;
  • Complete long term projects within the contract period;
  • Submit Statutory Remissions by 9th of each subsequent month,
  • Disciplinary cases for staff are handled as per policy.


Our customers are entitled to:

  • Free enquiry for services,
  • Confidential handling of information,
  • Access to relevant non-confidential information and feedback,
  • Courteous and timely response to requests, complaints and enquiries,
  • Prompt payment of services and goods delivered as per agreement on submission of all relevant documents,
  • Safe, secure and healthy working and learning environment,
  • Use of the University facilities and services free from harassment by other users,
  • Receipts upon any payments,
  • Prompt resolution of cases,
  • Humble treatment, courtesy and respect,
  • Health care.


       Our customers have a duty to:

  • Familiarise and conform to the rules, and regulations of the University,
  • Respond to inquiries without delay to enable us to give them timely response,
  • Engage in constructive criticism,
  • Treat staff with courtesy and respect,
  • Pay up for payable services rendered and goods delivered,
  • Uphold professionalism and integrity in their interaction with us,
  • Give their views on how they perceive our services,
  • Ensure that any payment made is receipted,
  • Be open and honest,
  • Provide works, goods and services according to our specifications,
  • Submit complaints as per the approved procedures,
  • Avoid confrontation.